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A revolution is happening in the banking and financial services industry. At Rocketbot, you can find solutions designed and customized for your industry.

Success cases: banking and financial services industry

subsidy management


In response to the economic emergency, the National Government of Colombia created the Formal Employment Support Programme (PAEF). The initiative required the processing of applications for payroll subsidies from a bank in Colombia.

This was an operation that was done manually and was performed in sequential and repetitive steps. This process delayed grant applications and caused digitizing errors.

By automating the process using Robots created in ROCKETBOT, speed and efficiency were improved, allowing SLA compliance in an efficient fashion.

Agile coding and quick time-to-production.
Rocketbot integrates with tools and components, reducing these deployment costs.
Prompt responses to applicants.


In many banks and financial institutions, clients call contact centers to request certificates of their historical financial transactions in order to prove this information to government institutions or embassies. This process could take up to five working days to come up with the information.

In companies that have adopted ROCKETBOT robots, the process was reduced to one minute and forty seconds. Therefore, customers valued those financial institutions positively.

Improvement in the efficiency rate of bank statement delivery, going from 5 days to less than 2 minutes per order.
Customer experience improvement in the bank statement delivery process from 45% to 95%.


In certain cases, banks and financial institutions must seize or freeze accounts by court order, whether for criminal reasons, unpaid pensions, or other claims. This is a manual process that involves many hours of work and procedural management.

Today, with Rocketbot, 80% of this process can be automated. The banking and financial institutions who adopted Rocketbot were able to keep banking transactions on time and reduce SLA non-compliance.

Google Vision can be integrated to read the scanned documents.
The process can be automated up to 80%.
Penalties for SLAs non-compliance are reduced to 0.
bank reconciliation with rpa


At many banks and finance companies, cashiers and supervisors spend extra time on cash closings. Since there are various platforms with which they interact, it can take them a long time to find differences, regularize and rebalance.

By using Rocketbot, the data extraction and balancing tasks are now 100% automatic, reconciling information from more than 16 platforms. This gives cashiers time to do other operational tasks.

100% automated process.
0% error rate.
50% time reduction.
bank reconciliation with rpa

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