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A revolution is going on in Ecommerce and retail services. At Rocketbot, you’ll find solutions designed and customized for your industry.

Success cases: Ecommerce and retail



Rocketbot robots now automate the query and process the data on an online platform.

Once the compensation is made, they are the ones who send the email to the client with the confirmation of their points. The compensation, being automatic, is reflected after 24 hours of the request, instead of the seven days it took for the manual system.

No customer service personnel are used for the task. It is estimated that, if the bots do not exist, you should implement a team of five people, from Monday to Sunday, and with a full time, to solve the task.
Errors associated with point compensation were reduced to zero.
The cost associated with calls by executives to respond to customer uncertainty was drastically reduced.
Security and customer satisfaction in their response.
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The availability of the claims on both platforms depended on the time, contingency and disposition of the sales or customer service executive. High number of errors or inconsistencies in both bases. 

Rocketbot robots made it possible to integrate the CRM and Quality platform. When entering a case of product quality in the system, the robots are in charge of reflecting it in both bases.With the availability of quality cases online and in real time, the company could detect the recurrence of quality complaints in products and issue preventive notices to other customers.

Time savings for sales and customer service executives who only need to enter the quality case once.
Reduction of errors and inconsistencies on a zero basis.
Both platforms keep the data in real time.
No dedicated staff is needed to integrate both bases.
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Before Rocketbot , one person spent half a day, Monday through Friday, to manually compile productivity reports on boxes and then distribute them to company premises. There was no data on the weekend shifts. 

Existence of delays in the reports and information failures, which had repercussions in problems with the payment of bonds to tellers and tellers. 

Rocketbot robots are in charge of processing, executing and sending the reports to locals at 8:00 am. The report is available first thing each day.

Efficiency reports are available to locals five hours in advance. In addition, the reports for Saturday and Sunday are added.
You do not need a worker forced to leave the work of care in premises or use of overtime.
Errors in efficiency reports were eliminated and satisfaction among tellers and tellers improved, as there were no inconsistencies in their performance bonuses.
vtex with rocketbot


Two years ago, new prices and stocks had to be entered manually on the VTEX ecommerce platform, which the company uses. 

For cyber events, a team of more than seven people was hired to carry out the massive load of 1,500 products on offer, a highly demanding task that generated several pricing errors with claims and associated costs. 

Rocketbot robots now take care of loading prices and stock for products on Cyber dates or company-specific events.

The complete upload of prices for Cyber events went from taking weeks to minutes, thanks to the robots taking charge of bringing the changes to the VTEX platform.
You don't need a team of sporadic workers to do manual pricing work during Cyber-like dates.
Errors associated with mispricing of prices were reduced to zero, leading to savings of more than $ 150 thousand dollars produced by badly labeled products.
vtex with rocketbot
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Before the use of Rocketbot, a team of workers was in charge every day of assigning the stock of products to the ecommerce stores associated with the company. The stock variability was subject to the team’s office hours, which only worked half a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

Rocketbot robots run a program that collects and purges the stock numbers of the products associated with ecommerce stores.

Another group of robots collects the data from the updated database and assigns the stock to the different ecommerce stores of the company.

The stock is assigned to each store at 8:00 in the morning. The real stock base is optimized on Saturdays and Sundays, and not partially as was the case with the human team.
Cancellation of purchases to consumers who bought products without stock on weekends is avoided.
Specialized team allocates the time saved for other creative and productive tasks in the area of Ecommerce and Customer Service.

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