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A revolution is going on in Healthcare services. At Rocketbot, you’ll find solutions designed and customized for your industry.

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Rocketbot robots now automate from the identification of the date of the period that the report of hours worked must run, to the manipulation of the calculation of the total hours worked by each staff.

It breaks down in detail the hours worked per day and totals by each staff and thus also consolidates the total.
The hours worked verification format is user-friendly and proactively indicates who are the people who require review of special notes.

Automatically the hours worked by each personnel are updated in the final report of the final pay calculation in a standardized template.

Human interaction was merely the validation of special notes included in the report.

The entire process went from taking 4-5 hours to 30-40 minutes.

The calculations obtained are more precise.


Cost reduction of hiring a platform that sends notifications to patients after they have attended their appointment.

Automate the process of detecting patients who managed to attend the appointment and send them the notification with the request to make a Google Reviews.

The change in the mechanism of contact with the patients was transparent, so they did not have any changes during the process.

The cost reduction was immediate, representing less than 5% of the original total cost.



Reduce the number of incoming calls generated by patients who report that they have arrived for their appointment and are ready to be seen.

A new automatic text message notification process has been implemented for patients with appointments of the day, so that they respond to that text message notifying that they are ready to be seen.

8 out of 10 patients are responding satisfactorily to the communication received, which allows the staff to know which patient has arrived via text message.

The robots are in charge of automatically notifying the staff when a patient has responded to the notification and directly indicates what message they have sent.

This system creates a better perception of customer service because the attention is more immediate.



Reduction in the time that the insurance verification team spends for each patient to complete the required information form prior to their appointment.
Implementation of a complete insurance verification flow system based on the advance search of patients and the data required to be located within the websites of each insurer, to later extract the information needed according to the verification form.

Finally, the document is made available to the verification staff so that the final part of the verification required according to each case can continue.

The reduction in time for each patient in verifying their insurance information has been up to 50%.

The information placed in the forms is more accurate, which reduces errors in the quality of the data and is later updated in each patient's record.



Attention to missed calls from patients with a smaller gap in waiting time.

Robots were designed to communicate an automatic message to the patient after having generated their missed call that will be answered shortly.

Also, this trigger event allows staff to receive a notification with the precise information of who should be contacted.

In this way, patients know that they are kept in mind to be contacts soon and that their call is valuable for the practice.

You avoid printing tens of thousands of sheets per month corresponding to judicial withholdings


A healthcare company, with clinics nationwide, requires four people working full-time to generate weekly statements for the doctors network.

The process includes: extracting the information from the company’s system, standardizing it and making the individual reports.

With the adoption of Rocketbot, a robot was introduced to receive e-mail that arrives in XML and PDF formats. In case of exceptions, it notifies the supervision. The robot validates the XML and keeps a copy of the confirmation. Finally, it prepares a report and updates the process logs.

The robot makes a report and updates the process logs. Every

A robot receives the mail with the XML and PDF, downloads them, validates them, and in case of exceptions notifies the supervision. It validates the XML in the designated pack and keeps a copy of the confirmation.

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