Orchestrator - Automate your Processes | Rocketbot

Manage and control your robots at all times with R.O.C.

Rocketbot Orquestrator

With our Orchestrator, you will be able to run processes, work queues, and learn about its architecture and usage in real time, which allows you to accurately control processes and results. 

Orchestrate your processes

Deploy and control your processes in a very simple way.
Enables multiple robot software designers to interact.
Supports continuous integration.
Controls user access using high security standards.
You can run Cloud, On-premise or hybrids robots.
Transform an attended robot into an unattended robot with just a few clicks.

Monitor the status of the robot and its instance

You can monitor the robot’s behavior and its instance at all times.

Instance types
Ram memory use
CPU use
Disk space use
Connection status
Run and stop a robot
Get real time run log
Launch and get real-time Generate a workforce data from different from new instances instances simultaneously
Create a workforce data from different from new instances simultaneously in a few clicks
Backup instances
Scheduled executions
Continuous delivery


The orchestrator has role-based access control (RBAC), which enables interaction with the Orchestrator parts, depending on the user’s role.

The RBAC R.O.C’s system is based on:

  • Https TLS 1.2 Protocol
  • In-transit data is JWT-protected
  • Passwords are encrypted in the database (Mysql/SqlServer/Postgres) by Hash Argon2 and bcrypt
  • Integration with Active Directory


R.O.C is equipped to withstand work increases and decreases.

We work with Amazon technology that enables us to have servers distributed in various parts of the world, enabling us to remain operational if any area has connectivity problems. In addition, AWS assures us 99.99% uptime.