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A revolution is happening in various industries. At Rocketbot, you can find solutions designed and customized for your industry.

Success cases: other industries


Financial accounting is a process that needs a lot of dedication to take information from different internal systems of a company. This can require many hours of search, reconciliation and analysis work.

One of our clients implemented Rocketbot and through the framework, the robots went into their company’s internal systems and downloaded purchase orders, files, receipts, inventories and invoices. Everything was verified with the accounting records.

This way, the robots tried to detect inconsistencies in the information of the systems and they made an Excel where they registered this data.
Thus, the processing time was reduced by up to 80% and 0% mistake has been achieved in the reconciliation process.

100% compliance with SLAs.

80% time saved.

0% mistakes in the reconciliation process.


Import traceability is a complex process due to the dispersion of information. One of our clients needed a team 100% committed to monitoring this process. With Rocketbot, this process was automated, through the implementation of robots that daily check the company’s purchase information and compare it with the import information made by seven shipping companies, two intermediary agents and two ports, in order to guarantee the cargo and avoid additional costs.

While before this process was carried out by the employees, today the execution times have been reduced by 90%. In addition, the employees can add value to other operations of the company.

100% automated process.

90% reduction in execution times.

0% error in the reconciliation between purchases and imports.

bank reconciliation


Eight financial institutions with whom the company works, carry out an automated online bank reconciliation process. Then, they have to make a validation between their payment system and SAP in order to control the liquidity and the movement of money.

Using Rocketbot, they can read the banks’ movements, and record them in their payment system and in SAP.

100% automated process

90% reduction in execution times.

0% error in bank reconciliation.

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