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Rocketbot Studio
With Rocketbot Studio, you can create and build robots in a solid and reliable fashion, with no limits. You can integrate components from our Marketplace for free and expand on the power of your robot with SAP integrations, object recording and artificial intelligence features.

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Start Rocketbot

Drag and drop

  • Simply drag and drop preset commands.
  • Avoid programming errors.
  • Write less code.
  • Add components with third party integrations.

Progressive development

There is no need to run all robots, only run the required command whenever you need it. This makes development faster and more efficient.

Free Development License for all operating systems.

With RocketCloud you can deploy your robots in seconds. With our Docker image distribution and AWS WorkSpace, you can have all your robots in the cloud, saving in infrastructure costs.





Increase the Power

You can create new modules or download modules created by the community.You can use all the power and versatility of Python for connecting APIs and create spectacular new connectors for existing applications.

Most of the modules are multiplatform!

Do you need a module?

View available modules

Customizable expansion

Do you need more features? Install extensions to add new languages, themes, debuggers, and to connect to additional services. Extensions run in separate processes, ensuring that they will not slow down your editor.

Docker images

Rocketbot has Docker images ready to be installed in Enterprise level servers or Cloud providers, such as Azure, Goole Cloud or Amazon.

By default, the orchestrator raises a Docker instance in our distributed cloud, which allows redundancy in the event of unavailability or connection loss.

The orchestrator will keep the images running with the robot’s latest version and also run the scheduled tasks.

Workspaces Amazon images

Rocketbot has WorkSpaces Amazon images to run and manage every robot. The merge between Rocketbot/Workspaces allows you to have a brand new environment, ready to work in a few minutes, without having to worry about infrastructure.

Rocketbot orchestrator is ready to create, run and stop a WorkSpaces instance, saving both time and money

Certify yourself today! Rocketbot Suite BBRE1

The Rocketbot developer Certificate will provide you with credentials proving that you meet the best practices on software robot development or execution. Our certification is a warranty and security seal before your clients, employers and a mark of prestige for the market.

Minimmum requirements


Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300





Recommended setting


Intel Core i5





v2020.12.30 189.9 MB – ZIP
MD5: 764b20bca9695f235992f7a35de6a6bd

v2020.12.30 a 4 183.4 MB – ZIP
MD5: 425a9c92144fec68b4ee6237a413e961

v2020.12.30 166.2 MB – Tar.GZ
MD5: 6d98a8f63cec705d181a011dfb69c90c

v2020.12.30 118.1 MB – Tar.Xz
MD5: b2d9a94de8299615e525ea26d5d543a2