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What does being a Rocketbot partner mean?

Being a Rocketbot partner means to be part of the fourth industrial revolution. It means companies’ digital transformation via the democratization of RPA, automating from border or edge processes to core processes of the business.  


You will have access to the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool with the best consideration from customers, recognized by the industry as the most agile, flexible and scalable framework. We will be by your side at onboarding with training and support at no cost. We will continuously help you to sell, test and deploy with your customers.


  • We will be by your side with your clients from pre-sales to closing.
  • We create and promote a collaborative ecosystem between partners to help you create more business in other countries.


  • Real-time support (via Slack) at no cost* and in your language.
  • APIs Generation and integration at no cost**.


  • Free training and the best practices for all of our products.
  • Individual certifications for engineers and partners at no cost.

*Support limit up to 2 accounts. **Upon technical feasibility check.

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Let’s take part in the RPA market together, an industry that will reach US$ 12 billion by 2022.

We offer an excellent RPA tool, which is agile, flexible, scalable and cost effective.

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