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Automate your business processes with Rocketbot RPA software. Free your team from tedious tasks and provide them value-added work.

What exactly is RPA, or robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the automation of processes using software BOTs

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$60 billion

Investment in the RPA market




Automated processes

Rocketbot is the only RPA platform that promotes mass usage and accelerates your business’s digital transformation, optimizes ROI for customers, and offers affordable desktop licenses and server licenses to enable parallel process execution without additional fees.

Because Rocketbot is developed in Python, it makes building digital robots easier and more flexible.


What makes Rocketbot the best RPA platform for you?



It is an efficient platform that permits parallel process execution. Currently, up to ten different processes can run concurrently in the same environment.



Rocketbot is a multi Operative System platform that fits any company size.



Rocketbot wants all Clients’ employees to build robots.

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