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Ecommerce and retail services are undergoing a revolution. Rocketbot has solutions that Clients leverage to fit their business processes needs.

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Ecommerce and Retail

Points compensation

Rocketbot robots now automate data processing on an online platform.

These robots send an email to the client with the confirmation of their points once the compensation has been made. Because the compensation is automatic, it is reflected 24 hours after the request is made, rather than the seven days that the manual system used to take.

Quality claims

The availability of claims on both platforms hinged on the sales or customer service representative’s availability, flexibility, and willingness to furnish information.

Both platforms have a large number of mistakes or inconsistencies.  Rocketbot robots made it possible to integrate the CRM and Quality platform. When an instance of product quality is entered into the system, robots are responsible for reflecting it in both bases. 

With online, real-time access to quality cases, the company may identify recurring product quality concerns and offer preventative warnings to other customers.

Efficiency report

Before Rocketbot , one person spent half a day, Monday through Friday, manually compliling productivity reports on boxes and distributing them to company premises. There was no data on the weekend shifts.

Existence of report delays and information failures, which resulted in problems with bond payment to tellers.

Rocketbot robots are responsible for processing, executing and sending the reports to shops at 8:00 am. The report is available daily at first time.

Vtex management

Two years ago, new prices and stocks had to be entered manually on the VTEX ecommerce platform, which the company uses. 

A team of more than seven people was hired for cyber events to carry out the massive loading of 1,500 products on offer, a difficult task that resulted in several pricing errors with associated claims and costs.

Rocketbot’s robots now handle loading prices and stock for products on Cyber dates or company-specific events.

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