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Success cases: insurance industry



An international insurance company receives premium payment checks from its agents and policy holders by email at various times and in various formats. The time differences slowed down responding to customers.

Insurers who adopted Rocketbot in their premium checking and payment processes have reduced response times using fewer resources.

60% time saved in process execution.

Reliable customer response.

80% reduction in resource consumption.



The portfolio collection process is a manual operation, which is carried out in sequential and repetitive steps. All these tasks are slow and repetitive, such as: portfolio reconciliation, calculation of arrears, pre-legal and legal collections.

Companies who joined Rocketbot realized that automated processes lead to better accuracy in calculations, management and reporting. This allowed employees to have time to work on other activities which add more value to the organization.

Rocketbot greatly increases accuracy, reducing the risk of miscalculation or mismanagement of information.

People who previously conducted this process can now have time to work on other activities which add more value to the organization.



When the traditional insurance industry needs to make payments to suppliers, it is done manually, by performing sequential and repetitive steps.

The analyst launches the local application (Client Server) and downloads a Microsoft Excel file, which shows a consolidation of services authorized for supplier payment.

Companies who deployed Rocketbot were able to reduce time-to-payment to suppliers and also draft payment reports in an automated fashion.

Employees have been impacted by dedicating their time to tasks which bring more value to the company.

With Rocketbot, you will avoid accumulation of invoices by the end of the month or the end of the year.

Rocketbot reports allow for the automatic extraction of payment statements.

Employees who used to carry out this process can now work in other activities.



The issuance of insurance policies is the core process of all insurance companies and due to its complexity, requires a significant amount of human and technological resources.

The process involves the reception, classification and verification of large volumes of data, which arrive in various formats and structures.

Today, insurance companies who have adopted Rocketbot have achieved a 100% increase in productivity, operating 24/7, 365 days a year, which allows insurance companies to set much more ambitious SLAs and integrate processes digitally and offline simultaneously.

100% unit productivity increase.

Continuous process operating 24x365

Allows to set more ambitious SLAs.



An insurance broker with a significant and highly active operation in the car industry invests a great amount of time and resources in reconciling and keeping its Corporate Client System (CRM) updated.

The process includes downloading reports from the company’s CRM system, as well as the account statements provided by the insurance company, every 10 days.

A work plan was defined to include a robot for each insurance company, in order to carry out the reconciliation process automatically and without human intervention.

The process was split into different parts: one robot extracts data from the firm's CRM system and another robot extracts the account statements from the insurance company's website.

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